I'm in love with Ville Valo and Sebastian Stan. HIM, A7X, BVB, MCR, P!ATD, 3DG, Paramore.

I love DW, Spn, Sherlock and almost all of the Marvel movies.






so no one told you life was gonna be this way

your blog’s a joke you’re broke your otp is gay

it’s like you’re always just stuck waiting here

for a tv show that’s not been on for months, or even for years

but, tumblr’s here for youuu, when the tears start to fall

tumblr’s here for youu, like no website before

tumblr’s here for you, ‘cause you’ve got nothing else to do


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If you love it, we will kill it.

Osric Chau when asked what the show’s catch phrase would be (via jinny-thekisaragi)

Go on, then. Do it. I’m not going to answer any of your questions, so you have to do it. You have to kill me. Threats don’t work unless you deliver.

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